How To Stop Yourself From Eating So Much

Posted on: 8 January 2019

The greatest obstacle to losing weight is that you might struggle to simply stop eating. Compulsive eating can be difficult to get under control. Part of the reason is that people will often eat for emotional reasons. You may feel uncomfortable after you haven't eaten anything in awhile. A meal might be associated with a certain experience or you may feel sad and eat as a way to cope. By dealing with underlying causes of overeating, you may be able to get it under control.

Stop Eating Mindlessly

When you eat compulsively, you might feel ashamed for doing so. That might then lead a vicious cycle of overeating to cope with the despair that comes from eating too much. 

A common reason for overeating is that you may eat as part of a mindless habit. Rather than eating at a scheduled time, you may eat passively throughout the day. Instead, you should get in the habit of eating more deliberately, with meals planned throughout the day. 

Rather than simply eating mindlessly, think about the meals that you'll be eating. For example, if you'll be eating raisins, pay attention to how the raisins taste and their texture rather than simply eating them. Then, you'll be more likely to pay attention to how full you feel and you can stop eating more easily.

Find Other Ways to Cure Your Boredom

When you're about to eat, think about whether you are genuinely hungry, or simply bored. While a lot of eating is done out of boredom, you could find an alternative way to satiate your boredom and pass the time until you are genuinely hungry. If you are hungry, but it's not time for a meal, consider sitting with your hunger rather than immediately trying to satiate it.

Don't Skip Meals

Do not skip meals as a way to avoid overeating. If you skip meals, you may be more likely to overeat in the future. For example, if you have breakfast, you are less likely to eat throughout the rest of the day. 

Satiate Your Hunger

When you aren't able to eat, there are many ways to satiate your hunger temporarily. Drinking water can help you feel less hungry. There are also some foods that tend to satiate hunger better, such as peanuts. However, if you don't solve the emotional problems that cause you to eat too much, satiating your hunger won't be enough.

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