Bright Than The Sun: Two Recipes To Battle Daily Damage Done To Your Skin

Posted on: 29 June 2016

Your skin feels the effects of everything. From the sun, to aging to picking up dust and grime throughout the day, the skin is always in need of some serious tender, loving care. If you don't pay special attention to your skin, the simple act of living life is going to start showing. Luckily for you, you don't have to pay a ton of money to show your face you care. You can start a beauty regime with some of the most common ingredients in your house. Below are a few recipes you need to incorporate in or to keep your skin looking, young, healthy and bright.

Yogurt And Walnuts

The perfect face cleanser can be made with just plain yogurt and walnuts. These two ingredients are full of antioxidants and will remove all of excess oil and damaging dirt that builds up on your face throughout the day. They also work well on their own too. Walnuts are a natural buffer that will remove all of your dead skin, making way for new skin cells. Yogurt is full of something called lactic acid. Anything with the word "acid" in it sounds scary, but lactic acid actually tightens your pores, making it harder for dirt to build up inside.

Take three walnuts out of their shells and smash them in a bowl with two tablespoons of plain yogurt. Mix the two ingredients until they are completely blended together and then gently massage it into your face. The cleanser will leave your skin looking clean, healthy and naturally bright.

Lemon Juice And Egg Whites

One of the most common problems that people face with their skin is excess oil. Oil tends to build up on the face and it clogs your pores. It grabs hold of the dirt that builds up throughout the day and you have an oily and dirty looking face. The perfect combination for this problem is egg whites and lemon juice. Lemon juice will dissolve the excess oils that your skin produces while the egg whites tighten up your pores.

To make a lemon juice and egg white peel, mix two egg whites with three drops of lemon juice and apply it evenly over your face. Let it sit for about ten minutes until it dries completely and then gently pull it off. During the process, you will actually feel your skin tightening.

Your face is the first thing that everyone see's so it's only natural that you want it to look as clean and healthy as possible. With everything your skin goes through on a daily basis, it is important to give it the attention that it needs. By using the facial recipes listed above every night, your skin will be cleaner, healthier and brighter in no time at all.