Three Things To Know About Tipping For Color And Highlights At A Salon

Posted on: 14 March 2016

Visiting your local beauty salon to have your hair colored and highlighted can transform your overall appearance and even make you feel more confident whether you're getting ready for a job interview or a special date. When you look in the stylist's mirror at the end of the treatment and are pleased with what you see, it's time to shift your attention to tipping. Tipping at beauty salons is widespread and serves as an effective way to convey your appreciation for the stylist's hard work. Whether you haven't previously been sure of the tipping conventions or you just want to make sure your tipping approach is still correct, here are three important things to know.

The Tipping Standard

It's appropriate to tip your stylist between 15 and 20 percent of the cost of the coloring and highlights, before taxes. The best way to tip is to do so in cash; this is simpler than paying the bill with your credit card and trying to add a tip. Instead, determine the cost of the salon service you'll be receiving at the time that you schedule it and make sure you have 15 to 20 percent of this amount in cash when you arrive for your appointment.

Factors That Can Affect The Amount

While you can never go wrong with tipping between 15 and 20 percent -- some people aim for the middle of this range by sticking to 17.5 percent -- there are times at which you might wish to tip a little extra to convey your appreciation for the care you've received. Think about tipping more generously if you called at the last minute and your stylist was able to fit you into his or her schedule. You can also think about tipping beyond 20 percent if your stylist provided you with a bonus treatment, such as a short scalp massage before beginning to treat your hair.

Tipping Around The Holidays

If you routinely see the same stylist throughout the year, it's appropriate to give a holiday tip if you've been happy with the care you've received over the previous months. The convention is to give cash or a thoughtful gift equaling the value of one of your standard salon visits, paired with a card expressing your thanks and wishing the person happy holidays. Gift cards can be an effective gift to give; you can either buy something specifically related to the stylist's interests or hobbies or go the generic route with a gift card for a coffee shop or supermarket.