4 Tips For Getting Your Toddler To Behave During Their Haircut

Posted on: 26 February 2016

Getting your toddlers's haircut is generally no easy task for you, or for the person who is cutting it. Toddlers want to move and they want to be in control of what is going on, so this is a situation where they are unfamiliar and unsure. However, there are little things that you can do to make their hair cutting experience as successful as possible. This article will discuss 3 tips for getting your toddler to behave during their haircut.

Let Them Sit On Your Lap

If you find that your toddler's acting scared and hesitant to get their haircut, then it may be a good idea to let them sit on your lap. This allows them to be in a place where they feel more comfortable, while still letting the hair dresser have access to their hair for the haircut. You will also have a bit more control of your toddler's movements and positioning when they are on your lap, which can make the process easier and smoother as well. 

Bribe Them With Sweets 

While bribery isn't always the best option for every situation, it is one that will generally work well for getting a haircut. Bring your child's favorite treat along with you and explain to them that the will get the treat if they behave well during their haircut. You can also give them small pieces of the treat during the haircut, if they are being well behaved and if you find that this works better at keeping them happy and sitting still. 

Take Them When They Are The Happiest 

This one may sound simple, but it will make a huge difference if you take your toddler when they are in a good mood. For example, be sure to take them in the morning or after a nap when they are well rested. Also, be sure to feed them before you go so that they aren't hungry and more prone to throwing a fit. 

Show Them What Is Going On In The Mirror 

One reason your toddler may feel unsure and misbehave during their haircut is because they just don't know what is going on. To help them feel more at ease, you can focus their attention on the mirror and explain to them what is happening during their haircut. Seeing what is being done will likely peak their interest and will help them to hold still as you explain each aspect of their haircut to them. Contact a local salon, like Nu Waves Salon & Day Spa, for more help.