Tanning Trends For Spring Break 2016

Posted on: 25 February 2016

Spring break is quickly approaching. If you are going to be pool or beachside, a tan will help you feel more confident in your bathing suit after a long winter indoors. But what kind of tan should you have and how dark should you go? A professional tanning salon can help you achieve your ideal tan for before vacation. Skin tone is dictated by fashion just as clothing is. Deep tans go in and out of fashion in a cycle but fresh sun kissed skin will always help you look slimmer and more toned. Here is a list of tanning trends that you are likely to see on Spring break 2016.

Lighter Tans

The 90's are making a comeback in fashion right now. During this time period lighter skin was in vogue. Also, the trend to go super dark with your tan is starting to look dated. A fresher look is to get a spray or bed tan that gives you a warm, subtle glow rather than an in your face deep dark tropical tan. You can achieve this look by shorter sessions in a tanning bed or by leaving on spray tanner for less time before rinsing. If you have blond or red hair ask for a spray tan formula made for fair skin.

Organic Spray Tans

Green living has permeated every aspect of our culture and tanning is no exception. Expect to find more organic spray tan options available for your Spring break tan this year. These options eschew parabens, and other artificial ingredients. Some formulas may also be gluten free and vegan.

Bronzers And Shimmer Lotions

Now that tans are a bit more dialed down, a shimmery lotion or bronzer can help to further cover up imperfections while highlighting the contours of your body for a slimmer look. Stacking a shimmery lotion or powder on top of a subtle tan will enhance your look for Spring break. Better tanning salons carry shimmer lotions and bronzer oil for you to purchase after your tan.

Gradual Tanners

After achieving the perfect tan at the salon, many customers may not have time to come back as often as needed to maintain the perfect shade. Gradual tanners that are intended to be used every day as a moisturizer can help fill in the gap as well as deepen the look of a real tan. A gradual tanner that has a sunscreen in in can be a valuable addition to your vacation bag.