3 All Natural Hair Masks To Try At Home

Posted on: 19 February 2016

If you are not happy with the way your hair looks and feels, do not rely on chemically laden hair care products that are available over-the-counter. Some of the products can actually cause more damage to your hair than they do because they remove the natural lipid layer your hair needs to be healthy and strong. If you want to make your hair healthier, consider making a natural mask to put on it. The following guide provides you with a few great hair masks to try that are made from natural ingredients.

Shiny Hair Mask

To get shiny, beautiful hair, put ¼ cup of olive oil and three tablespoons of honey into a bowl. Use a whisk to mix the two together until they are smooth. Rub the mixture onto your hair starting at the roots all the way down to the tips. Twist your hair and place it in a bun on top of your head if possible and secure it with a hair tie. Leave the mask on your hair for thirty minutes and then wash it using the same hair care routine you normally do. When your hair dries, it should be sleek and shiny.

Split End Mask

If you notice that the ends of your hair are split, it could be a sign that your hair is very damaged and has been exposed to too many chemicals. To repair your hair, add one large banana, ½ a cup of honey, and ½ a cup of plain Greek yogurt to a blender. Blend the mixture until it is smooth. Rub the mixture into the ends of your hair and leave the mask on your hair for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. Apply the rest of the mixture to the rest of your hair and leave the mixture in place another ten minutes before washing it out. The mask will repair your split ends and repair the damage done to the rest of your hair to prevent future split ends from occurring. If you are unsure if you have split ends, you can always ask your stylist when you go to get your hair dyed or trimmed. He or she will let you know if your hair is damaged or not, and you can then use the split end mask regularly to prevent more damage from occurring to your hair.

Oily Hair Mask

If you notice that your hair is very oily regardless of what type of shampoos you try, add ½ a cup of apple cider vinegar, 4 egg yolks, and three tablespoons of honey to a bowl and mix them until they become smooth. Apply the mixture to the roots of your hair and leave them in place for twenty minutes. Apply the remaining mask to the rest of your hair and leave in place for fifteen additional minutes. Wash your hair and allow your hair to air dry. When you brush it, you should notice that your hair is significantly less oily than it usually does.

These masks are easy to use and can be placed on your hair anytime you feel that it needs it. After a few treatments from the natural mask that you choose, you should be able to notice a significant difference in your hair. The masks will hydrate, smooth, and improve your hair quickly and easily. For more tips, visit a local beauty salon.