A Great Hairstyle Brings Out Your True Personality And Natural Beauty

Posted on: 11 February 2016

A great hair salon has stylists that design and cut hair specifically for each of their client's facial features, head shape, hair density and texture, and daily activities. When going to a good hair salon for the first time, your stylist will ask you about your lifestyle and how your haircut will fit into to your daily activities. Your stylist will then custom design a hairstyle for you with lines and curves that complement your facial features. Here are the procedures that good stylists use on their clients:  

Hair Cleanse and Conditioner - Your hair will be washed with a gentle shampoo and then conditioner will be applied. If your hair is dry or oily, choose a neutralizing conditioner with vitamins, minerals, and essential oils that will nourish and protect your hair from the elements. If you have long hair, ask for a detangling rinse before your hair is cut. 

Haircut - The best haircut is one that is customized just for you so that your hair can move and look good from morning until night. Here are some considerations and procedures your hairstylist will follow to cut and style your hair:

  • Face and Head Shape - All of your features will be considered when you get a haircut, such as:
    • For a low forehead, avoid bangs and get a haircut that is swept back from your face. 
    • For protruding ears, ask for a haircut that is not too short and has some soft curves around your ears. 
    • For a short neck, ask for a haircut that is short around the nape of your neck and closely cropped around your ears. 
    • For a thin face, ask for a haircut with lots of layers to add volume and movement to your hair. 
    • For thin hair, avoid severe blunt cuts and ask for a cut with lots of layered texture that will compliment your head shape.
    • For thick hair, ask for a short cropped cut that delicately hugs the edges of your face and neck.  
  • Activity Level - Your daily physical activities can be considered when you get a haircut, such as: 
    • If you are an active person and work and play hard daily, then you will want a simple haircut that you can shampoo each day and just towel or blow dry.  
    • If you have an office job, ask for a layered haircut that will move easily and look good all day without much attention. 

Hair Color - If you color your hair, get a transparent hair color that covers your natural color and slowly fades away each month. A transparent hair color will look healthy, shiny, and glossy much longer than permanent hair dye that will show a visible line of uncolored new hair as it grows out. 

Hair Products - Once your hair has been washed, conditioned, cut and colored, your stylist may use some of the following hair products on your hair: 

  • Hair Texture Lotion - For thin hair, your hairstylist may use a thickening spray to separate the hair strands, and give your haircut some definition and body.
  • Hair Gloss Gel - For hair that needs more shine, your hairstylist may use a spritz of gloss luminescence to allow your hair to catch and reflect ambient light.
  • Hair Nourishing Cream - For thick curly hair, your hairstylist may use a coconut oil, aloe vera gel, or shea butter nourishing cream to moisturize and rejuvenate your curls into soft waves. 

You can always be trendy and fashion-forward in your clothing and makeup but your hairstyle should be classic, tailored for your features, and transcend trends. Choose a hairstylist that will cut and style your hair to bring out your true personality, vitality, and natural beauty. A great hairstyle will bring out the real you.